Can you help me to quit vaping please?

It seems so hard to stop! Vaping doesn’t stink, it doesn’t taste bad and is just so convenient! I am really struggling to stop.

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For more than 35 years we’ve received requests for advice by letter, email, and postcard from all over the world. We’ve answered every single one of them, and continue to do so with pleasure. I’ve undertaken to publish as many replies as I can in the hope that it will help even more people to freedom. Real-life questions from struggling smokers.

How do I stop vaping?

Dear John,

Can you help me to quit vaping please? It seems so hard to stop! Vaping doesn’t stink, it doesn’t taste bad and is just so convenient! I am really struggling to stop. Please help me — I desperately want to quit — it’s controlling my life and costing me more and more. Corrie, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Hi Corrie,

Well done for reaching out — I’m sure I can help you with some advice and guidance. I’m also sure that my advice will help you whether you plan to use Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping or not — but I’ll include some details about our quit vaping programmes in case they are of interest — no pressure.

The beauty of Allen Carr’s Easyway method is that it doesn’t focus on the downsides of smoking. We barely mention the stink, the smell, the cost, the health fears, the low self-esteem, or the control & slavery.

The reason we don’t focus on these negative issues is because they are counter-productive. After all, smokers already know everything there is to know about the downsides of smoking and if someone starts preaching to them about them — they (quite rightly) turn off completely.

Instead, Allen Carr’s Easyway looks at the other side of the argument and examines the smoker or vaper’s reasons for doing it. After all, we don’t smoke or vape for the reasons we shouldn’t — we smoke or vape for the reasons that we do.

The method analyses every single issue that contributes to a smoker or vaper’s belief system surrounding their use of cigarettes or vape. The method then gently, gradually, with tact and good humour dismantles that belief system.

It’s like re-wiring your brain. We think we enjoy smoking or vaping — but what Easyway does is allow the addict to truly understand their addiction and identify the real reasons that they do it.

So Corrie, firstly you need to reframe your thinking. Rather than focus on the fact that vaping doesn’t seem to have the same disadvantages as smoking: the bad taste, the stink, and inconvenience — begin to ask yourself why is it that you vape?

What is it about vaping that you enjoy? What are your underlying reasons for vaping? Once you’ve identified why you think you’re doing it — you can start working through each belief to see whether they stand up to scrutiny.

To reiterate, Allen Carr’s Easyway doesn’t pitch the smoker or vaper against the disadvantages of their addiction (that’s just not how the method works) therefore the fact that those disadvantages by and large don’t exist for vaping simply isn’t relevant.

Forget about the aspects of vaping that make it different from smoking and instead focus on how the addiction makes you feel & try to understand why it is that you want to stop?

Whereas it’s quite possible to quit vaping by reading the latest Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking book (USA/Canada, UK, Rest of the World) or Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking Online Video Programme (both of which are highly effective and designed to be effective for vapers as well as smokers) you might benefit far more from our specific programmes for vaping. Your options are:

  1. Quit Vaping Online Video Programme
  2. Quit Smoking/Vaping Live Group Seminar (which are specifically designed to help vapers as well as smokers)

Trying to quit smoking or vaping on your own rather than using Allen Carr’s Easyway is akin to hammering a nail into wood with a flip flop rather than a hammer. They are two different ways of achieving the same result but one is hard work, frustrating, infuriating, tiring, and you might well give up trying before achieving your objective — the other is…easy.

BOOM! It’s done.

Support Link: Anyone reading this piece, experiencing similar (or entirely different) issues with stopping smoking can obtain free of charge advice from us via the following link. To obtain that guidance select SUPPORT. You’ll then get to fill out a short questionnaire about your experience with the method — and based on that — a senior Allen Carr Therapist will provide you with bespoke, detailed, free of charge advice on how to get the method to gel for you.

I hope that all makes sense Corrie, in summary Allen Carr’s Easyway makes it easy and doesn’t focus on the downsides of smoking or vaping so it really doesn’t matter that vaping doesn’t have the same disadvantages as smoking (in terms of the smell, inconvenience, and taste). If you’d like to get free from nicotine addiction with Allen Carr’s Easyway — we’re here to help.

Best wishes

John at Allen Carr

The name in this article has been changed to protect the sender’s identify.