Government to tax vaping

Governments adore taxable addictions, so a tax on vaping was inevitable. We predicted this years ago.

taxes written on a pile of cash
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Here is an extract from Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping, “DO YOU WANT TO PAY MORE TAXES? In 2012/13, revenues from tobacco taxes in the UK amounted to £9.7 billion. NEARLY TEN BILLION POUNDS! Predictions that the tax yield is going to substantially decrease will, no doubt, be contradicted by the rapid emergence of JUU, IQOS and other vaping devices.

The treasury departments of governments love taxable addiction for obvious reasons. HMRC, which raises taxes on tobacco and nicotine, along with Big Tobacco, JUUL, IQOS and Big Pharma, wants you and your kids to remain lifelong nicotine addicts. You don’t need any further motivation to escape from the nicotine trap, but if one were required, denying the tax departments and the pushers of nicotine your hard-earned money is a sweet one. Who wants to pay more taxes or have less disposable income?



This is the result of two factors:

• The pushers want to earn more money from their captive consumer base

• Tax policymakers LOVE addictive products.

It all adds up to a lifetime of slavery, depriving you and your family of your happiness, freedom and wealth.

If that’s how you saw vaping before you’d ever tried your first experimental dose of nicotine, you wouldn’t have gone near it, would you? Let alone paid for the privilege to try it out”.

The impending tax on vaping is hailed as a way to price vapes out of the reach of youngsters but supporters of vaping claim that it will encourage them to opt for cigarettes in spite of the fact that they remain much more expensive than vapes.

The UK government are looking to emulate European countries such as Germany and Italy that already impose a tax vapes. As reported in The Mirror (link below) “a 10ml bottle of e-liquid, which a typical vaper would get through in a week, costs around £4 at present. In Germany, a £1.40 vape tax is slapped on 10ml bottles, with plans to double this to £2.80 in 2026. Italy, which in 2014 became the first country to tax e-cigarette fluid, charges a £1.10 levy on 10ml bottles”.

There is one way to ensure that you never become a victim of nicotine addiction or the taxes that are levied on it and that’s never to light a cigarette or try a vape.

If you are already addicted – it is never too late to escape – ‘Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking’ and ‘Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping’ can set you free. Both are available as an easy to follow online video programme.

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