When is the best time to stop smoking and/or vaping?

Most smokers are looking for a reason to put off attempting to quit. Learn why now is the best time to stop smoking. Watch our video & answer all your questions

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The best time to stop smoking


So people ask when is the best time to stop? And I think the question says a lot about the smoking mentality. Most smokers are looking for an excuse to put off the evil day when they’re going to quit. “I’ll wait until after my exams”, “I’ll wait until after my wedding”, “I’ll wait until after my holiday”.

They think that it’s going to be difficult to quit smoking, but think about it, if there was an easy way to stop, the best time to actually quit is now, today, before it gets any worse.

It’s never too late to stop.

Even somebody well into their eighties are going to notice incredible improvements to the remainder of their life when they quit. And, of course, for people younger than that, then the benefits are even greater and will last for longer. You’ll be extending your life expectancy by far more the younger you are when you quit, so it’s always a good idea to quit as soon as you can.