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Find the motivation to quit smoking for good. Our tips and tricks will help you stay focused and on track. Get inspired to live a smoke-free life.

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If you are looking for stop smoking motivation, motivation to quit, or simply motivation to not smoke there are a huge number of useful, inspirational, motivational tools that you can use.

Some are far more effective than others and surprisingly, the inspirational and exciting ones are far more effective than the scary frightening ones.

How to get motivated to stop smoking and stay motivated to quit smoking

What should be your motivation to quit smoking cigarettes? Some people say that fear of becoming ill is a motivation – yet it isn’t really. Many hospitals are full of seriously ill smokers who failed to quit smoking even given that apparently compelling motivation.

Other people think that money is a good motivational tool – thinking about all the money that you might save. But we soon find other things to spend the money on – so don’t normally notice the financial windfall of quitting smoking.

Would using a loved one, a partner, a child be a good motivation? You might want to set a good example to others and you might wish with all your heart that your kids don’t think of smoking as being cool – but using this kind of motivation is often counterproductive. Your partner or child only has to have an argument with you for you to use it as an excuse to go back to smoking. It’s often the case that smokers claim a “Now look what you made me do!” moral high ground as an excuse to start smoking again – rather than simply admit their failure to stop.

Stop Smoking Motivation

All the above, apparently great motivations fail for one simple reason. Pressure about health fears, motivation about lack of money, and pressure from loved ones all create an element of fear and stress and a smoker’s “go to” reaction in the face of fear and stress – is to light a cigarette. In this way – those motivations rarely achieve the desired result – they often make it harder to quit rather than easier to quit.

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How to stay motivated when you quit smoking

To ensure that you hold on to your smoking cessation motivation and quit smoking motivation it’s always best to keep it simple. For whatever reason you are fed up of smoking. Either the worry of it, the cost of it, the effect on your family, on your health, or the control and slavery of addiction. Rather than use one of those – or even all of those – as your motivation – instead decide to stop smoking simply for the reason that you’ll enjoy your life so much more as a non-smoker and enjoy the wonderful freedom from all those negative aspects and more importantly – enjoy the positive things that freedom adds to your life.

Will I lose my motivation after quitting smoking?

As long as you stop smoking for that one positive reason (which involves so many wonderful aspects) that you’ll enjoy life so much more as a non-smoker – the answer to the question, will I lose my motivation after quitting smoking, will always be no.

It is only when you use short term or negative reasons to quit smoking that you end up with no motivation after quitting smoking.

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Final thoughts

You may feel worried and daunted but the prospect of stopping smoking fearing that you will lose motivation during the process and afterwards but with the right method and approach you will find it easy to stop and remain fully motivated.

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