Anxious flyer? 10 tips on how to cope with flying anxiety

With cognitive restructuring, you can start to enjoy, rather than fear air travel

How to cope with flying anxiety
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Up until now you may have simply been coping with fear of flying but wouldn’t it be amazing to go one step further and learn a new way of thinking that ensures you get rid of it altogether?

Fear of flying coping techniques are one thing but there’s a whole new world out there for you to explore if you can change the way you feel about flying.

How to cope with flying anxiety

If you take on board the following tips you’ll find yourself not only coping with flying anxiety but enjoying flying:

Educate yourself about flying

Understanding how planes work and learning about the safety measures in place can help demystify the experience and reduce fear.

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Use relaxation techniques

Practice techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises, or guided imagery to calm your mind and body. These are great techniques to help you in life, generally as well as learning how to cope with flying anxiety

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Enjoy being entertained

You can enjoy movies, podcasts, music, reading, puzzle books, or play games on your phone. It’s not a case of distracting yourself – it’s more a case of doing comfortable, interesting things while you have an opportunity to spoil yourself. You’ll be achieving more than just coping with fear of flying – you’ll be having a great time.

Stay comfortable

Wear comfortable clothing and bring items like a neck pillow, blanket, or earplugs to make your flight as pleasant as possible.

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Talk to the Crew

Inform the flight attendants about your anxiety. They are trained to help and can offer reassurance or check on you during the flight. More importantly, they’ll probably spoil you rotten.

Travel with a companion

It can be good to travel with a friend or family member who enjoys flying and who can provide you with a little company and confidence

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Practice mindfulness

Engage in mindfulness practices, such as focusing on your breath or observing your thoughts without judgment, to stay present and reduce anxiety. It’s amazing how enjoyable fear of flying coping techniques can actually be – even when you are no longer afraid of flying.

Use aromatherapy

Essential oils like lavender or chamomile can have calming effects. Consider using a small, travel-friendly aromatherapy kit. It’s a lovely, relaxing, calming way to travel and smells amazing.

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Set small goals

Break down the flight into smaller, more manageable segments. Celebrate each milestone (take-off, mid-flight, landing) to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.

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Consider professional help

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) can be incredibly useful when dealing with anxiety and stress. Allen Carr’s Easyway to Enjoy Flying has helped many thousands to not only learn how to cope with flying anxiety – but get free from it altogether.

Implementing these tips can help you better cope with your flying anxiety, making your travel experience more manageable and less stressful. Learn how to overcome your fear of flying.