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Life enjoying flying is full of joy and opportunities. Here are our tips and advice for the future.

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8 tips on how to get over fear of flying

Discover proven strategies to conquer your fear of flying with expert guidance from Allen Carr. Learn 8 effective tips and regain confidence in flying again.

Long haul flight tips: a survival guide to flying SAGA

Tips from SAGA for long haul flying, including using Allen Carr’s Easyway to Enjoy Flying book and Online Video Programme

Do you want to get over your fear of flying?...

How to overcome your fear and enjoy flying. Lovely mention in Hello Magazine of Allen Carr's Easyway online on-demand video and book

Afraid of flying? Great article on Allen Carr in iNews

Many of us get nervous when it’s time to get on a plane but Allen Carr's Easyway can help you to overcome your fear of flying.

Too Scared to Fly? You’re Not Alone

There is a lovely mention for Allen Carr’s Easyway to Enjoy Flying in an engaging piece by Conor Pope writing in The Irish Times.

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