Quit smoking project with Local Councils is a big hit

Allen Carr’s Easyway heralded as “miracle” stop smoking treatment after successful trial

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In smoking a ritual, final cigarette, there lies a declaration of freedom. It’s a symbol of breaking free from the chains of addiction, a defiant step towards reclaiming one’s health and well-being. And for residents of Westmorland and Furness, this symbol is about to become more accessible than ever.

Following a successful trial in Barrow in 2023, Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Live Group Seminars a clinically proven intervention to aid in smoking cessation is making its return to the Westmorland and Furness area. These funded programs are not just a means to help individuals quit smoking; they are a vital component of the council’s ambitious goal to achieve a “smoke-free” status by 2030.

Successful pilot achieves remarkable success

Last year, a select number of residents in Barrow had the opportunity to participate in this ground breaking initiative. Barrow, with its alarmingly high smoking rate of 21%, stood out starkly against South Lakeland (10%) and Eden (11%) areas, according to data from the ONS. The results of the trial were nothing short of remarkable, with over 50% of participants abstaining from smoking after just four weeks.

Clinically proven, drug-free method is at the heart of this initiative

Allen Carr’s Easyway (ACE), a program endorsed by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence as a drug-free method for smoking cessation. The ACE program offers online seminars or videos spanning 5-6 hours, supplemented by shorter backup sessions, telephone support, and email assistance for those in need. With accessibility in mind, the program can be easily accessed via smartphones, tablets, or laptops, eliminating the barrier of physical attendance.

Published studies attest to the effectiveness of ACE, with a staggering success rate of 1 in 2 smokers kicking the habit long-term. Over the past four decades, an estimated 50 million individuals have found liberation from smoking through this transformative approach.

Those who attended the pilot last year are delighted

One participant from last year’s cohort expressed her jubilation at the program’s efficacy, stating, “Four weeks in, I’m not smoking [after] over 50 years of smoking! I think the Allen Carr method is virtually miraculous; there’s no chance of me smoking again.”

Cllr Patricia Bell, Cabinet Member for Adults, Health, and Care, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the council’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promote public health. “It is a council priority to make Westmorland and Furness ‘Smoke-Free by 2030,’ and by offering innovative smoking cessation support, such as Allen Carr’s Easyway, we can help keep the population healthy and thriving.”

Listen to BBC Radio Broadcast discussing the method and success

BBC radio interview with a Local Authority discussing the method and as the commissioner says “The outcomes have been fantastic. The rates are really, really high in terms of quit rates”

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Huge help provided for one of the poorest areas in the UK

While spaces in the ACE program are limited and anticipated to fill quickly, the council recognizes the importance of providing alternative avenues for smoking cessation. Local pharmacies also offer support for those who may not secure a spot in the ACE program, ensuring that individuals have access to a range of effective resources tailored to their needs.

As the initiative to create a smoke-free future gains momentum, the act of smoking a ritual final cigarette becomes more than just a symbolic gesture—it becomes a tangible manifestation of hope, resilience, and the power of community-driven change. With Allen Carr’s Easyway leading the charge, residents of Westmorland and Furness are poised to embark on a journey towards a healthier, smoke-free tomorrow.

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