Help to stop smoking – What can you do if you want to quit smoking?

Written by: John Dicey | Last updated/Reviewed: 07 Feb 2022

Reviewed by: Paul Baker

help to stop smoking - What can you do if you want to quit smoking

How often do you think, “I want to stop smoking”, or end a conversation or an argument with your partner or your doctor who have been urging you to quit smoking by asking them, “help me quit smoking”? Are these thoughts that occur often? If you think about those, let alone verbalise them they’re simply an indication that, deep down, you really do want to quit. The problem is – knowing how to succeed – without feeling miserable and unhappy and as life isn’t worth living with cigarettes.

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I want to quit smoking but I enjoy it

The two most common ways smokers feel is that they either enjoy smoking but hate being a smoker or the other way around, they hate smoking but enjoy being a smoker – it can work both ways. So, if you think, “I want to quit cigarettes, but I enjoy it” don’t worry – you are not alone in that way of thinking.

Things to do to help stop smoking

The most important thing to do is to find out what helps you quit smoking. Once you’ve decided that it’s time to stop and say to yourself, “I want to quit smoking right now” you are already halfway to freedom. That initial motivation to freedom is key.

It seems that the right thing to do in these circumstances is to access a programme that is quick and easy to complete, affordable, and effective.

Changing the way you think about cigarettes and smoking is the most important thing of all. .

What helps you quit smoking?

Understanding why you started smoking is easy – we all fell for the same trap. We were either lured into it by friends or experimented with it on our own – the lure is normally always the same, an attempt to look grown up, tough or sophisticated – or rebellious or the complete opposite – to fit in with the crowd. Whatever reasons we started smoking don’t really matter – understanding why you continue is the key that will set you free.

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Final thoughts

Many smokers are resistant to asking for help and support – but reaching out to someone for help to get free from an addiction is an exhilarating and rewarding thing to do.

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking is a quick, accessible, quick-start programme available by book, online, or in-person and is the best method to quit smoking.

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