Stop smoking Hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Written by: John Dicey | Last updated/Reviewed: 07 Feb 2022

Reviewed by: Paul Baker

Stop smoking Hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Whether you are considering hypnosis for smoking, hypnotherapy for smoking, or self-hypnosis to quit smoking it is important to understand the principles behind all three. They are all vehicles for messages, in the same way as a book or a story might be, so the answer to the question, “Do they work?” is not a simple one…in short – it very much depends on what information is used during the hypnosis or hypnotherapy session. For example, a book could help you to learn to look after your garden – however a book on 16th Century French literature certainly will not. It’s the content of the vehicle that matters most.

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What is hypnosis & hypnotherapy?

How effective is quit smoking hypnosis or hypnotherapy to quit smoking? Smoking cessation hypnosis or stop smoking self-hypnosis can help you to stop smoking – as long as the message delivered as part of the programme is useful. The only clinically proven method of smoking cessation that involves hypnotherapy is Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Live Group Seminars.

Does Allen Carr’s Easyway use hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking has been successfully using hypnotherapy for more than 30 years at their stop smoking centres. It’s not Allen Carr hypnosis, it’s hypnotherapy – which is just a light relaxation exercise that reinforces the main parts of the Live Group Seminar and is perfectly safe. The hypnotherapy is completely inneffective without the main seminar programme. One deals with the subconcious mind – the other deals with the concious mind. Together – they make it easy to stop smoking rather than hard.

Does hypnosis to stop smoking work?

Used in conjunction with Allen Carr’s Easyway method hypnotherapy is highly effective, used without Allen Carr’s Easyway – results are less impressive.

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Final thoughts

Your expectations regarding the level of quit smoking skin improvement you can aspire to should be set high. People will want to know what your skin secret is and how come you look so much younger. It’s one of the many benefits of stopping smoking – especially as many people spend hundreds of pounds a year on skincare products to achieve the effect you’ll achieve simply by stopping smoking.

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