Don’t count the bottles in my recycling bin. Please

“We had a few people over for a dinner party at the weekend”, except we hadn’t. I’d had a quiet, solitary weekend. No denying it – this was all my own work.

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Don’t Count The Bottles In My Recycling Bin. Please

“I do NOT have a drink problem!?” Nothing was spoken but the accusatory, sneering look from a neighbour so overtly disapproving of the rattling bin full of empty wine bottles that I was dragging out of my garage and out onto the pavement for collection by the recycling lorry, had me biting my lip, desperate to present the case for my defence.

“We had a few people over for a dinner party at the weekend”, except we hadn’t. I’d had a quiet, solitary weekend, with both the kids on sleepovers with friends and my partner away on a golf trip. There was no denying it. This was all my own work. The fact that I double-checked and found apparent solace in noticing two empty lager bottles, my partner’s, suddenly made me feel even worse about the situation.

It’s funny now, looking back on it, how alcohol “being a problem”, crept up on me. Endless attempts to rid myself of the unsightly bulging belly, that seemed to have developed in recent years, were all laid to rest by the fact that I seemed incapable of limiting my intake of booze. It dawns on even the most head in the sand yo-yo dieter that ultimately, losing weight, whilst continuing to drink alcohol, is almost impossible. Don’t get me wrong, you can lose weight, “praise the lord for slimline tonic”, but as soon as ones’ drinking returns to “normal”, the weight piles back on.

My solution came, not in the shape of any diet book, or (god-forbid) AA meetings, but in the form of a simple stop drinking programme, that I watched online. It wasn’t only easy to quit, it really was enjoyable, and it does sound corny to say, “It changed my life” but it did. And it turns out that my sneering neighbour still sneers at me when I put my (much reduced) recycling out on the pavement, the difference is, I can’t stop myself simply smiling back now. That’s beautiful.

Don’t feel bad about yourself – you haven’t done anything wrong

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