How to stop drinking alcohol – programs to help you quit

Overall client rating 4.8 | 381 reviews
100% drug free & natural
Requires no willpower
50 million helped worldwide
Overall client rating 4.8 | 381 reviews

Choose the right program for you

We have helped more than 50 million people in 50 countries.

We will provide you with the right help to stop drinking and you will learn how to quit drinking for good.

Online video program

From US$188

Most convenient

Our video on-demand service enables you to use the Easyway quit drinking alcohol method when you want, where you want.

check_circlePre-recorded video
check_circle3 hours duration
check_circle15 days access
check_circleQ&A support
check_circleInterest free payment installment option via PayPal in UK or US

Live group seminar

From US$495

Highest success rate

The most effective way of using the method is to attend a live stop drinking seminar at one of our centers or online with Zoom (up to 25 people).

check_circle6-7 hours duration
check_circleIn-person or live online via Zoom
check_circleFacilitator support by phone & email
check_circleFree back-up seminars
check_circleInterest free payment installment option via PayPal in UK or US

Live one-to-one seminar

From US$2475

Highest success rate & complete privacy

The same high success rate as our group seminars but with complete privacy at one of our centers or via a live weblink from your own home.

check_circle6 hours duration
check_circleIn-person or live online via Zoom
check_circleFacilitator support by phone & email
check_circleFree back-up seminars

The Easyway method: How does it work?

Allen Carr’s Easyway method has been described as ‘a real drinkers way to quit’.

Easyway doesn’t focus on the downsides of drinking – instead the method answers the question “What’s so great about being a drinker?”

Understanding that is the key to quitting alcohol & being set free

We help you to understand your alcohol addiction
We show you how to transform it
We remove the fear so you can set yourself free

How the method works – A short video

So you’re thinking of stopping drinking.

That’s great.

There’s only one problem.

Only a tiny number of those have tried to stop.

Persevere for more than a few days, and you’re probably afraid of all the withdrawal symptoms of the void that might form without alcohol.

You fear that you might replace with food or cigarettes of your evenings out.

Being less enjoyable, especially when you’re out with your friends, you think you’ll have a hard time adjusting to life without alcohol without something that seemed to be part of you for so long.

But there is another way.

It’s immediate and easy.

You can continue to enjoy your trips to the pub, go out, deal with stress and boredom, and even feel more relaxed without suffering from unpleasant withdrawal symptoms or gaining weight without longing for alcohol or envying other drinkers.

So if drink is a long-term and complex problem, how can it be cured so quickly?

Imagine you were imprisoned in a cell with a combination lock.

You could spend years stuck there trying to figure out the combination.

But if someone gave you those numbers, you’d be instantly free.

Allen Carr’s Easyway gives you the combination to set yourself free.

You can start a new, clean and healthy life, and all you need to do is attend an Allen Carr’s Easyway Centre.

Allen Carr’s Easyway has more than 40 years of experience and 150 centers in over 50 countries across the globe.

The method has already helped more than 50 million people worldwide, and more importantly, the method has more than a 90% success rate based on our unique money back guarantee.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, we’re so confident of the method that we offer a full money back guarantee.

If you don’t succeed in stopping drinking, your fee is refunded in full.

You don’t have to decide now.

You don’t even have to really want to quit.

Call Allen Carr’s Easyway on +44 208 944 7761 for details of your nearest center and keep smiling.

You’ve just taken your first step towards your new life.

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The health of your business depends on the health of your employee population. A healthier, happier, more contented workforce creates a more productive workplace environment and a great return on investment.

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Free online consultation

Not sure if you really want to quit drinking for good?

Want to stop, but concerned that you’ll find it tough?

Worried that you’ll be deprived for the rest of your life without a drink?

We can help you to understand and remove those fears and in so doing, make quitting easy.

Client & Celebrity Videos

Jack, US


Nikki Glaser (Comedian)

Alcohol, Smoking and Vaping

Chrissie Hynde (Musician, Singer & Songwriter – The Pretenders)

Alcohol, Smoking and Vaping

Kimber Post, US



Frequently asked questions

Which of your programs is best for me? online video program, seminar or book?


The seminar boasts the highest success rate of 90% and a full money back guarantee for smoking, alcohol and drugs. It’s the most powerful way of accessing Allen Carr’s Easyway method either at a center or online via Zoom.

Our online video programs allow you to stop when you want and where you want. It is not a seminar, neither is it a recording of one, but a standalone program in its own right. Unlike our center seminars you will not be able to speak directly with an Allen Carr’s Easyway facilitator.

The book, audiobooks and apps allow you to go through the method at your own pace.

What is the money-back guarantee?


Our Money Back Guarantee applies only to our seminars for smoking, vaping, alcohol, & 1-1 drugs.

The reason we offer a money-back guarantee is so that people can try our approach without a financial risk. We are unique amongst established smoking, alcohol and drug addiction cessation services in offering this kind of guarantee.

Less than 10% of our clients make a claim but as long as you complete the programme as specified in our terms below, we will be more than happy to refund your fee.

Read full details

Are there terrible withdrawal pangs from alcohol?


You may believe that alcohol withdrawal is difficult and unpleasant, and this belief would create a tremendous fear of quitting for anyone, but is withdrawal really that bad?

The reality is that drinkers go into withdrawal whenever they finish a drink. It is an illusion that there is physical withdrawal pain from the drug itself. We are never badly addicted to the chemical itself.

Perhaps you feel that you have to suffer a few days of withdrawal to get free.

So let’s look at the facts.

Read full article

How successful is Allen Carr’s Easyway? / What is your success rate?


The success rate at Allen Carr’s Easyway Centres is over 50% after 12 months as indicated in independent scientific studies in peer review journals1.

It is also more effective than established government programmes including the gold standard NHS 1-1 service & the Irish Health Service’s based on two randomised controlled trials published in a peer reviewed journals.

Read more about the Easyway success rate

Need some help?

Not sure if you’re ready? Daunted by the prospect of what stopping drinking will mean for you? We can help.

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