Fear of flying course with Allen Carr’s Easyway

Flying client rating 4.9 | 78 reviews
Program only takes 2 1/2 hours
50 million people helped worldwide
Requires no willpower
100% drug free & natural
Flying client rating 4.9 | 78 reviews

What’s included?

Most people don’t know how to get rid of a fear of flying but we do.

Our tried and tested video program is presented by one of our most experienced facilitators, who has personally helped tens of thousands of people get over their fear of flying, including many celebrities.

It is designed to help you get over a fear of flying quickly.

Does it sound too good to be true? Don’t worry our program will explain how to overcome a fear of flying quickly and easily.

  • Access to pre-recorded videos in 3 parts
  • 2 1/2 hours total duration
  • 15 days access
  • Language – English
  • Subtitles in English (just click cc on the video)
  • We promise no scare tactics

We recommend you watch in one sitting but if time is an issue we suggest watching Parts 1-2 one day, and Part 3 the following day

What happens in the fear of flying course?

Our fear of flying help course is the quickest, easiest and most immediate way to learn how to quit a fear of flying from the comfort of your own home.

See our short video to see what you can expect

We help you to understand your addiction
We help you to understand your fear of flying
We show you how to transform it
We show you how to transform it
We remove the fear so you can set yourself free
We remove the fear of flying so you can travel worry free

A short trailer of the video program

Just think of a stunt rider clearing 20 double decker buses on his motorbike.

A motorbike moves forward by its wheels, having traction with the ground.

So the moment the ground is no longer there, it has the same effect as if his engine had cut out.

Now a motorbike and its rider are relatively heavy objects and are designed to stay on the ground.

But do they drop like a stone?

No way.

Their impetus keeps them airborne There are reports of private aircraft whose engine failed and they glide to safety.

Needless to say, the general impression given is always of a miraculous escape, but it was no miracle.

Aeroplanes are designed to glide.

The space shuttle actually glides to a safe landing after re entry into the atmosphere.

Even if all four engines of a large modern jet were to fail at the same time, at 35,000 ft, it could glide for nearly 200 miles and complete a perfectly safe landing.

Aeroplanes do not drop like a stone.

Even when the thrust is.

Understanding why you are afraid to fly

People who suffer from a fear of flying fear engine failure, other mechanical failure, human error, acts of God, acts of terror, or even that the laws of nature are against them. These are all rational fears in their own right yet they are misplaced.

If you had a toothache the dentist might give you a painkiller to ease the pain but if he did nothing about removing the cause of the pain you would be back day after day with the same complaint.

Other methods take the same approach to the fear of flying – they attempt to help you overcome your fear so you can get through the journey but all they are doing is treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Allen Carr’s Easyway’s fear of flying course can set you free. Think of the program as your fear of flying specialist who doesn’t just help you overcome your fears – it removes them altogether.

What is it that quits you flying?

Our fear of flying treatment examines and corrects the misconceptions that keep you fearful.

Our simple approach is entirely unlike conventional methods that rely on will power. Instead, Allen Carr’s Easyway tackles the core beliefs that make overcoming the fear of flying so difficult.

We help enable people to radically change the way they think and feel about flying, so the fear is removed. And with no fear there is simply no need for willpower.

We know at this point you will find this hard to believe but it only takes a few hours for us to show you how.

Finding Freedom

You will finish the on-demand video looking forward to a future of freedom and to your next flight.

The presentation removes any fear of flying, leaving you in the right frame of mind to actually enjoy flying.

By following some simple instructions you will be able to fly and be free!

You will enjoy flying!

You can start right now, wherever you are as long as you have a good internet/Wi-Fi connection.

The online video program is available 24/7

women sitting in nature enjoying being free of their addiction or issue

Frequently asked questions

This method sounds too good to be true. What proof do you have that it works?


The numbers speak for themselves. The method has helped more than 50 million smokers throughout the world, most of whom arrived by word of mouth following recommendations of a friend, family member, or colleague who had quit.

We work with thousands of organizations in dozens of countries throughout the world and assist their employees to quit smoking.

Our customers include organizations such as Microsoft, BMW, HP, IBM, Ford, Sony, Virgin, Google, and Unilever.

These organizations would not have sought our assistance unless the method worked.

Furthermore, a number of independent academic studies have been conducted into the method, including a study conducted at the University of Vienna that indicated that even after 3 years, the success rate of the method exceed 51%, a phenomenal figure when compared with any of the other methods.

Two randomised controlled trials confirmed the world class effectiveness of the method.

Read more about success rates

What is the difference between Allen Carr’s Easyway and other methods?


Most quitting methods are, for the most part, based on willpower – this means that you have to use your willpower in order to overcome your desire to smoke.

Allen Carr’s Easyway is not based on willpower.

Its only purpose is to negate your desire to smoke / drink / take drugs / eat junk food  forever, and as such, it is – easy.

The goal is to enable you to be free immediately, free of any adverse effects, without having to take anything or replace what you are using.

It is also scientifically proven in randomised controlled trials and approved by NICE who say it is cost effective and cost saving to the NHS in the UK. (NICE is a government body in the UK whose role is to improve outcomes for people using the NHS).

Read more about the method

Where do I login?


Once you have bought your online video on-demand program you will receive an email as well as log in details to the My Account area of the website.

The My Account area of the website is found in the top right corner of every screen

Just log in and you will be able to start viewing the product that you bought.

How do you extend the online video program?


To extend your online video program please log in to the My Account area (top right corner of every page of the website).

Find your online video program and on expiry you will see an option to extend.

Need some help?

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