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drugs, weight, or other issues.

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100% Drug Free

 Requires no willpower

 Money-back guarantee*Our money-back guarantee is available for many of our services. Please check the service/program details to see if it is included and for full details.  (centres only)

 Accessible & affordable

A method that requires no willpower? So how does it actually work?

Our approach focuses on why people continue to smoke, drink, take drugs, struggle with their weight or other addictions and fears, despite the obvious disadvantages. We aim to change how you feel about your issue so that getting free becomes easy, enjoyable and you do not miss anything.


We help you to understand your addiction or issue


We show you how to transform it

remove the fear

We remove the fear so you can set yourself free

Don't just take our word for it

Agata Borowka, April 2017, United Kingdom

Just wanted to say how happy I am now when I finally stoped smoking.The method works and it really is easy.Thank you to the London clinic.

Mikko, June 2017, UK

Hi there,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you!

I never in my wildest dreams believed how easy it would be. Two weeks now and no cravings or any issues. I have purposely put myself in situations where I would have normally been smoking and I don’t even want to have a cigarette. Is unbelievable. And when I tell my friends about the method I sound like I have found some new religion 🙂

Thank you guys a lot!


It's Magic

cloud nine, July 2018, UK

I’m feeling more mentally refreshed … I swear this Allen Carr bloke is like the Dumbledore of quitting smoking

Celebrating 25 years smoke free

Mrs L Peck, June 2016, UK

After trying numerous ways to quit, visited Allen Carr’s place and basically I am writing this as I celebrate my 25th anniversary as a non-smoker.

Each year I celebrate as I cannot believe I have done it.

Whatever it cost was worth it and I would highly recommend as I was a very heavy smoker and it worked for me.

Quit smoking & drinking - over 10 years now

Clare Gray, June 2016, UK

I have been very successful in using Allen Carr with both smoking and drinking.

I quit smoking over 10 years ago and have never looked back since. I decided to do alcohol and once again this worked. With doing this it has changed my life completely. Huge thanks. Clare 🙂

*results may vary

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Ellen Degeneres

"if you want to quit... it's called the Easyway... and I'm so glad I stopped"*

*results may vary

Workplace programmes

Want a healthier, happier workforce?

Improve staff well-being, reduce stress, reduce absenteeism and save Rs360000 per year per smoker

We can guide you on implementation, delivery and evaluation locally or in over 50 countries worldwide.

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Here are just a few of the companies we have worked with:

About Allen Carr’s Easyway

Internationally renowned for over 30 years, the method has helped over 30 million people to freedom in over 50 countries worldwide. Allen Carr’s Easyway centres have a 90% success rate based on 3 month money back guarantee for their stop smoking, alcohol and quit drugs programmes.

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