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I’m under a lot of stress at the moment, should I wait to quit smoking and vaping?

Written by | Last Updated 09 March 2016

Many believe that smoking and vaping relieves stress and so in such situations it makes it difficult to quit but the reality is that it is actually a stress creator.

You may believe that smoking and vaping relieves stress or helps you cope with anxiety. Anyone who believed this would have a desire to smoke in such situations and that desire to smoke would make it difficult to quit. But does smoking really relieve stress, or is there something else going on?

Well, if smoking relieved stress you could reasonably expect smokers to be able to cope with stress better than non-smokers and this just isn’t the case. In fact, research indicates that smokers are substantially more stressed and suffer far higher levels of anxiety than non-smokers.

Allen Carr’s Easyway helps you understand the trick that nicotine plays on the brain. This trick cons the smoker’s brain into seeing the cigarette as a stress reliever when in fact it is a stress creator. We can completely remove your desire to smoke in a stressful situation, and with no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower to stop smoking.

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