I’ve Lost 9 Pounds in 2 Weeks & it’s Been Easy

I wish to God I found about this sooner! Elaine describes her life as a sugar & carb addict and how she came to be set free by Allen Carr’s Good Sugar, Bad Sugar method.

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Last year, I was seriously worried about my health. I could not think straight; the brain fog and forgetfulness were so bad I genuinely thought I was getting Alzheimer’s and was ready to go to the doctor for help. I was exhausted, I felt down, and my body was not working the way it was supposed to.

I was sluggish and found it difficult to exercise

My body hurt, it was sluggish, and muscles would wake me up in the night cramping. The weight I’d put on made me feel awful too. It was “catch 22” I needed to move more but my body just wouldn’t do it. Even walking up an incline from work to the shops was a challenge. It only took one minute to walk up it, it wasn’t even like a hill, but my legs and my hips would cramp. A couple of times I just fell over. Yep, just dropped like a sack of spuds in the street for no reason.

I looked fine but had gone up 6 sizes!

From the outside I looked alright, I’d gone from size 12 to 18 in trousers but not massive if you see what I mean. It’s not like I was crippled, and to look at me you wouldn’t have thought I was in pain, I just had to slow down or stop till the muscles relaxed. Honestly, I didn’t look or move like there was a problem like you’d expect when you read this description, no limp, stick or anything.

I didn’t eat junk food

I knew I was addicted to what I thought was “all food”, I had no “off switch”. I’d done every diet, and I mean every single one. I’ve drank shakes, blended, food combined you name it but as soon as I ate “normal food” I just started to eat everything in sight. I thought I couldn’t stop, and then after several false starts I’d start again to try the next diet. I don’t even eat fried foods, or what you think of as junk food really, we had farm shop foods made from scratch at home and ate at Michelin starred restaurants on occasion for goodness sake!

Anyone who says you can’t get addicted to sugar or addicted to carbs has never felt that overwhelming need for a chocolate bar or bowl of pasta and then the disappointment when it didn’t hit the spot! The diets just stopped working. Not a pound would come off in weeks no matter what I did.

The head fog remained, and I’d say words that had no relation to the word I wanted to say, if I could even think of what I wanted to say. I never understood what speechless meant until I’d find myself talking to someone and totally struck dumb because my head went blank and nothing would come out of my mouth! That happened to me so many times a day I wanted to cry. It’s embarrassing and scary!

Allen Carr’s Easyway removed the head fog

So, this “Easyway” thing, Good Sugar, Bad Sugar, was a revelation! On the day I decided to start – it was easy. Yes, the habit of automatically going to have a biscuit or a snack took a few days to break, as it was like auto pilot, but I did stop myself easily and working out what to eat for meals is a learning process.

But I’m FREE! I don’t miss it! I don’t miss feeling addicted, and I don’t miss the sweets and chocolate. I’ve still got them in the house from Christmas and I’ve not so much as put one tiny choc in my mouth since that day. My family are working their way through them and that’s fine by me.

I’m no longer saying the wrong word when I mean something else, I can remember things much clearer, my head feels clear, and I’m walking up that slope and upstairs with ease.

In just over 2 weeks my weight is down 9lbs, which I didn’t expect but I can assure you I didn’t diet or eat less. Just ate fruit instead of a biscuit and dropped the carbs and replaced them with veg or protein foods. That’s all!

The point I want to make is if I can do it when I was physically addicted then more people should know about Allen Carr’s Good Sugar, Bad Sugar as it’s a god send. If I hadn’t seen a post that someone made in a Facebook group and gone searching for the method online, I’d be working my way through my usual foods and (what I thought were) treats and making a doctor’s appointment to work out what I was turning into an old lady at 38!

If you’ve read all this thank you, I needed to share, and if you’re just starting out, just trust the process. I thought it would be hard, and probably wouldn’t work for me, but kept an open mind. Nothing else stopped the cravings and I never want to go back there.

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