Should I avoid the company of other smokers & vapers after I’ve quit?

How to Handle Social Occasions with Smokers & Vapers as a Non-Smoker. Should you avoid them? Our support video is designed to answer your questions. Learn more.

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Can I still go out with friends who smoke once I quit?


First of all, we strongly recommend you continue to do everything as usual. The whole point is to continue doing the things you enjoy, just without smoking.

You don’t have to avoid being around friends who smoke. If you’re offered a cigarette simply say, “No thank you”.

There is no need to be jealous of smokers. Remember, they aren’t smokers by choice.

They can’t enjoy themselves or feel comfortable for more than an hour without relieving the withdrawal symptoms created by the previous smoked cigarette.

They are addicted and remember, smoking provides no benefits. The truth is every smoker would rather be a non-smoker.

If you start explaining to smokers that cigarettes provide no benefits etc. you may end up arguing so better to simply avoid it.

Just say you quit smoking with a great method that made it easy – without going any further.

The moment they see you continuing to enjoy life without cigarettes it will awaken in them the desire to free themselves from this awful dependency.

If they ask what method you use – just tell them Allen Carr’s Easyway.