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Life as a happy non-smoker is full of freedom and joy. Here are our tips and advice for the future.

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How to stop smoking – 10 tips to quit smoking...

Discover our top 10 tips to stop smoking for good and understand the different methods for smoking cessation, how they work and the differences between them.

Tips on how to socialise without smoking

Discover practical ways to enjoy socializing without smoking. Our tips can help you have fun and connect with others while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
woman using a vape

How to quit vaping - a practical guide & tips

This page gives you our world-famous top tips on how to quit vaping as well as helping you understand the different methods for quitting vaping, how they work and the...

How to cope with stress without smoking - Strategies &...

Learn how to manage stress without relying on smoking with our expert strategies and tips. Improve your well-being today without sacrificing your health.

What to do when you quit but want a cigarette

Discover effective strategies and expert guidance from Allen Carrs book on overcoming nicotine cravings. Get practical tips to stay smoke-free.

Should I avoid the company of other smokers & vapers...

How to Handle Social Occasions with Smokers & Vapers as a Non-Smoker. Should you avoid them? Our support video is designed to answer your questions. Learn more.

3 questions an ex-smoker should ask themselves

If you ever think about having a cigarette then you need to ask yourself these 3 questions. Our support video is designed to answer your questions

I quit a few days ago but I’m still craving...

There are some things to take into account when quitting smoking. The first is nicotine withdrawal. Our support video is designed to answer your questions

I've quit smoking but now I'm experiencing doubts

So perhaps you are experiencing doubts after stopping smoking. Our support video is designed to answer your questions

Why does fear of quitting success cause me a problem?

Allen Carr has talked about fear of failure and fear of success — but what is fear of success and how does it cause a problem?

How do I quit smoking if my partner won’t quit...

Will it be harder to quit smoking if my partner smokes? I don’t want to be sucked back into smoking because I live with a smoker.

Why do I always go back to smoking when I...

I managed to keep it to that for a while (just smoking while drinking) but I’ve caved in this morning and am back to smoking properly. I’m afraid that I...