Allen Carr’s publishing exploits continue

We are delighted with the growing publishing pipeline which includes books on quitting smoking (updates to the method) as well as cannabis, cocaine & more.

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John Dicey, Global CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway writes:
“With the recent release of Allen Carr’s ‘Easyway to Mindfulness’ book and an ever-growing publishing pipeline which includes major books on quitting smoking (updates to the method) as well as cannabis, cocaine and tech addiction amongst others, it’s the perfect time to re-iterate the provenance of the organisation’s output.

Responsibility for ensuring our books are faithful to Allen Carr’s original method is mine. I’m often asked to describe myself as the author of the books that we’ve published since Allen passed away. In my view – to claim authorship would make me an absolute charlatan. I didn’t know anything about addiction before I had the good fortune to meet Allen Carr. Not only did he free me from an addiction that would otherwise have killed me a long time ago, but he taught me everything he knew about addiction. How it works. How the Easyway method tackles it.

There’s not a word in our new books that Allen didn’t write or wouldn’t have written if he was still with us today and for that reason, the text, anecdotes, and analogies that were not his own work, that were contemporised or added by me, are written clearly in Allen’s voice.

It was amazing to work closely with Allen on the books while he was alive, scoping out how the method could be applied to every conceivable addiction or issue, and a responsibility to continue our work was something I was, with humility, happy to have placed on me by him before he passed away. It’s a responsibility that Robin Hayley (now Chairman of Allen Carr’s Easyway) and I take extremely seriously.

For some time, I’ve been under significant pressure from our international publishers to be identified as the author of new and revised Allen Carr books – it’s not something I’d be remotely comfortable with given the provenance of the work…it really is all down to Allen Carr. There are occasions, becoming more and more frequent, when I reluctantly allow myself to be described by our various international publishers as “co-author” of Allen’s books – but I delight in deflecting all the praise and acclaim for them straight back on the great man himself; it’s ALL Allen Carr.

I’m extremely uncomfortable with the “co-author” label, that someone might think I’m attempting to steal some of Allen’s thunder fills me with abject horror – that’s simply “not my bag” at all – I’ve always been a “behind the scenes” kind of guy. I hope that Allen Carr’s admirers across the globe are understanding regarding its necessity. I don’t think I can express my feelings about it more clearly than in the words on this page.

The method is as pure, as bright and as effective as it’s ever been, allowing us to apply it to a whole host of addictions and issues aside from smoking. Whether it’s alcohol or sugar addiction, gambling or junk-spending addiction, or fear of flying, mindfulness, or even ‘hard drugs’ the method guides those who need help, in a simple, relatable, plain-speaking way.

I’ve attached one of my favourite photos of Allen to this blog – it’s one of the few that, in my view, show the absolute essence of Allen Carr; bright, engaging, genius. His work continues…”

John’s Biog:

John was originally trained by Allen Carr in 1998 to take over his original quit smoking centre in London, England. Along with Robin Hayley, Allen and John ended up taking the organisation from a being a backroom operation in Allen’s home, to a global phenomenon with centres in 50 countries worldwide, ongoing, dynamic publishing programmes in more than 30 languages, and an estimated 30 million smokers cured worldwide.

John has treated more than 30,000 smokers face to face and now oversees every aspect of Allen Carr’s Easyway’s live seminar programme, ongoing traditional publishing programme, digital product development programme, supported by a fabulous team of managers and therapists in London, England and across the globe. He is based in London, England but is such a regular visitor to New York he considers it his second city.

In April 2018 he celebrates 20 years with Allen Carr’s Easyway and has dedicated the rest of his working life to continuing Allen’s work. His eventual retirement plans? In 10 years he hopes to hand the reigns of the organisation over to his successors and spend a day or two a week returning to his original role, as an Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Therapist, leading groups of smokers to freedom.

John says “That really is the best role in the world, it’s why I originally got involved with Allen Carr, and I miss delivering the seminars every week…sadly my role as a full-time therapist eventually had to be sacrificed as the organisation grew and grew. I still “keep my hand in” but nothing compares to the privilege of being able to set smokers free – face to face – on a weekly basis.

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