London Centre – Global Head Office, Raynes Park

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Over 40 years ago, Allen Carr’s Easyway opened his home near Wimbledon to offer seminars to help people in London stop smoking, quit drinking, give up drugs, and lose weight without requiring willpower.

We have moved but only a few roads to our bigger premises and look forward to welcoming you.

We also offer online seminars run from here to learn mindfulness for help with
anxiety, depression, and stress.

We don’t focus on the downsides of your addiction or issue – you know all about those already. Instead the seminar answers the question “What’s so great about it and why do I find it so hard to stop in spite of the obvious disadvantages?” Understanding that is the key to being set free.

The approach is simple, logical and can even help those who are not sure they want to quit.

Whether you live or work in Croydon or Wimbledon in Brixton, Bromley, Camberwell, Chessington, Epsom, Hampton, Hayes, Hounslow, Islington, Kingston, Leatherhead, Mitcham, Neasden, Peckham, Purley, Putney, Raynes Park, Richmond, Slough, Streatham, Sutton, Twickenham,  Windsor or anywhere in London our seminars can help you.

This is our Global Head Office just a stone’s throw from where the method was discovered.


No substitutes or medications


The seminar takes only 5-6 hours

Icon for 50 million helped worldwide

50 million helped worldwide


Requires no willpower


No bad withdrawal symptoms

Addictions & issues available at the London centre

Stop Smoking
Quit Vaping
Quit Drinking
Lose Weight
Quit Sugar
Stop Taking Drugs – Cocaine
Stop Taking Drugs – Heroin
Stop Taking Drugs – Opioids
Stop Taking Drugs – Speed / Meth
Stop Taking Drugs – Weed / Cannabis

All our seminars are run by fully trained and experienced Allen Carr’s Easyway therapists who used the method to get free themselves and undertook our rigorous selection and training process to become qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway Therapists.

Finding the London centre

London – Head Office Raynes Park



Allen Carr Easyway, Park House, 14 Pepys Road, London, London, SW20 8NH

Download directions as PDF

Easily accessible by car, tube (Wimbledon then train one stop) or fast train from Waterloo. For full details of how to get to the centre by car and public transport including directions from the station to the centre please look at the attached PDF directions. Unfortunately, due to the age and nature of the building there is no wheelchair access at this centre.


Parking in Raynes Park can be extremely limited on weekdays. We have a limited number of parking spaces available for clients to book in advance of their next visit.



020 8944 7761


9am – 5pm Mon to Fri

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Vitality customers go free!

We partner with the insurance and investment provider that rewards you for healthy habits. When you join Vitality, you can attend one Allen Carr stop smoking group seminar, as part of your plan, at any one of our centres around the UK or online.

Vitality members – to book please call the centre with your membership details.

The Easyway method: How does it work?

We aim to change how you feel about your issue so that getting free becomes easy, enjoyable and you do not miss anything.

We help you to understand your addiction
We help you to understand your addiction or issue
We show you how to transform it
We show you how to transform it
We remove the fear so you can set yourself free
We remove the fear so you can set yourself free

Our seminars & programmes in London


Live group seminars

Highest success rate

Our one day seminars are the most effective way of using the method.

Available either at one of our centres (up to 25 people) or online via Zoom accessible by smartphone or computer (up to 15 people).

In addition there is our online mindfulness group seminar to help with anxiety, stress and depression which is an 8 week course and available via Zoom.

Money back guarantee for seminars (excl. weight & mindfulness)

Our therapist will guide you through your journey, helping you to understand your addiction and why you have found it so difficult to quit in the past.

Prices from £379 – choose your issue expand_more
121 seminar to help quit drugs

Live one-to-one seminars

Highest success rate & Complete privacy

Our live one-to-one private seminars last for around 6 hours and are led by an experienced Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist.

The live seminars are also available online using Zoom via a computer, tablet or smartphone and for smoking a 1-2-1 seminar can be arranged in your own home.

Money back guarantee for seminars (excl. weight & mindfulness)

Our therapist will guide you through your journey, helping you to understand your addiction and why you have found it so difficult to quit in the past.

Prices from £1899 – choose your issue expand_more
Colleen Online video programme

Online video programmes

Most convenient

These programmes are available anytime and anywhere from our website.

They are a recorded video programme that you stream to your phone or computer and are presented by one of our most experienced facilitators, who has personally helped 1,000s of people.

The video programmes have been designed to be watched in one sitting but are broken down into section for ease of access.

Once you purchase you will have unlimited access to all parts for 15 to 75 day (depending on your selection).

Prices from £44 – choose your issue expand_more

Free Online Consultation

Not sure if you are ready?

Daunted by the prospect of what changing your habits will mean for you?

Want to stop, but concerned that you’ll find it tough?

We can help you to understand and remove those fears and in so doing, make quitting or losing weight easy.

Complete smoking consultation

Complete alcohol consultation

Complete weight consultation

Person booking a stop smoking, stop drinking, stop vaping or lose weight consultation on a phone
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Want a healthier, happier workforce?

The health of your business depends on the health of your employee population. A healthier, happier, more contented workforce creates a more productive workplace environment and a great return on investment.

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Client & Celebrity Videos

World Health Organisation – Selection of unpaid celebrity testimonials

Alcohol, Caffeine, Cannabis, Cocaine, Debt, Drugs, Emotional Eating, Exercise, Flying, Gambling, Mindfulness, Opioids, Sleep, Smoking, Sugar, Technology, Vaping, Weight and Wellbeing at Work

Oliver Lewis

Alcohol, Smoking and Vaping

How to stop smoking & vaping – Client testimonials

Smoking and Vaping

Ellen DeGeneres (Comedian, Chat show host & Actor) & Colin Farrell (Actor) (subtitles)

Smoking and Vaping


Frequently asked Questions about the London centre

Is there parking at Raynes Park, London?


We have a limited number of parking spaces available for clients to book in advance of their visit. The car park is situated directly behind the centre, accessed via Wyke Road. Look out for the signs (the driveway leading to our car park is shared with Surrey Lodge flats). 

We must stress that spaces are very limited and are available only via pre-booking.

To reserve/book a parking space, please call us on 020 8944 7761. All proceeds from parking are donated to charity. Please note that parking in Raynes Park can be extremely limited on weekdays (mainly 2 hr meter) and so public transport is recommended. Saturday/Sunday parking can often be less restricted. 

What is the money-back guarantee?


Our Money Back Guarantee applies only to our seminars for smoking, vaping, alcohol, & 1-1 drugs.

The reason we offer a money-back guarantee is so that people can try our approach without a financial risk. We are unique amongst established smoking, alcohol and drug addiction cessation services in offering this kind of guarantee.

Less than 10% of our clients make a claim but as long as you complete the programme as specified in our terms below, we will be more than happy to refund your fee.

Read full details

How successful is Allen Carr’s Easyway? / What is your success rate?


The success rate at Allen Carr’s Easyway Centres is over 50% after 12 months as indicated in independent scientific studies in peer review journals1.

It is also more effective than established government programmes including the gold standard NHS 1-1 service & the Irish Health Service’s based on two randomised controlled trials published in a peer reviewed journals.

Read more about the Easyway success rate

What happens when you stop smoking? Do you have a Quit Smoking Timeline?


The effects of quitting smoking cigarettes and tobacco are dramatic and begin the moment you stub out your final cigarette. Taking a look at the smoking withdrawal timeline and health benefits of quitting smoking aren’t always an effective motivating factor to help someone quit smoking – but they are fabulous factors to enjoy and celebrate once you become free from nicotine addiction.
Read full article

Do you have any top tips to stop drinking?


Yes. Please click the link below to read our world-famous tips but you must remember that drinking is like being trapped in a maze. The tips will help but without the map you may never find your way to freedom so then read on to understand the different methods to stop drinking.
Read stop drinking top tips

How do I stop eating junk food?


The reason that you crave junk food, chocolate, candy, and other sweets is because of sugar and carb addiction. Not all sugar and carbs are bad so it helps to know which are the ones that cause cravings. The foods that contain addictive refined sugar are easy to identify – the addictive carbs are less so. Identifying them is important to enable you to lose weight.

Read more

Choose your seminar

Please select a seminar at our London Global head office or go to “buy now & Get started” above where you can choose live online seminars with a therapist attending from the comfort of your own home.