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How to stop anxiety & stress with mindfulness

Learn how to effectively manage anxiety and stress with mindfulness techniques. Allen Carr provides step-by-step guidance to help you find tranquility.

How to start meditation

There is much neuroscience research to show regular meditation practice strengthens parts of the brain associated with concentration and decision making. Learn how to start.

How to do a 30 minute body scan for mindfulness

Learn how to practice a 30-minute body scan for mindfulness with renowned expert, Allen Carr. Cultivate awareness and relaxation within minutes. Start today!

10 simple mindfulness techniques & exercises

Discover 10 uncomplicated mindfulness techniques & exercises by Allen Carr. Enhance your well-being and find peace with these simple practices.

What is mindfulness and meditation? - How it can change...

Learn about mindfulness and meditation and discover how it can transform your wellbeing. Enhance your focus, reduce stress and develop inner peace.

10 Things Mindfulness Can Do To Change Your Life

Mindfulness is a wonderful way of reconnecting with yourself and regaining control and influence over all aspects of your life. Let Allen Carr be your guide.

Wow! I managed to de-stress & rase my anxiety at...

As the Christmas & New Year period approached I’d experience my annual build up of stress, aggravation, anxiety, and depression. It wasn’t just about the financial pressures of gift-buying, shopping,...