Learn how different aspects of your physical and mental health can be affected by smoking and improved by quitting

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Can I quit drugs but socialise, enjoy life and be...

Can I socialise and enjoy my life with my friends who take drugs when I stop? Yes with the right method you can and feel relaxed and happy

Are there terrible withdrawal pangs from taking drugs?

Learn about the potential withdrawal symptoms that arise from taking drugs. Discover the most effective ways to manage and ease withdrawal pangs.

Spice: The Scourge of London

What is Spice? What are the symptoms of addiction? Why is it now the scourge of London, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo?

“Not so” Legal Highs: Spice, Mamba, K2 and many more

The situation regarding ‘legal highs’ has not been resolved by their criminalisation. They are cheap and marketed as if they are harmless recreational drugs. #QuitDrugs #DrugAddiction

I’m under a lot of stress at the moment, should...

Many believe that taking drugs relieves stress and so in such situations it makes it difficult to quit but the reality is that it is actually a stress creator.

I am a strong-willed person in all other areas of...

It is a common misconception that it takes willpower to quit drugs, and that belief alone can make it difficult to quit.