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I read "Seven Donuts-worth of Sugar in Starbucks Coffee" &…

Help is at hand for anyone suffering from sugar & carb addiction or caffeine addiction - with Allen Carr's video-on-demand programmes.

Why I said goodbye to coffee & wine

It’s fabulous to read of Huffington Post Contributor, Voice Coach/Therapist, and Author Jennifer Hamady’s, experience of using Allen Carr’s Easyway me...

Does Queuing At Starbucks Make You Feel Like A Junkie?

Does standing in line at Starbucks make you feel like a junkie? Rehab for caffeine addiction? #QuitCaffeine #BeAddictionFree #AllenCarr

World Health Organisation & Allen Carr’s Easyway

WHO today launches a global campaign called “Commit to Quit" and Allen Carr's Easyway will be one of only 8 partners including Google, Amazon, Faceboo...

Allen Carr’s Easyway wins prestigious award

Allen Carr’s Easyway are delighted to announce that we have been awarded, “Best Wellbeing Service Provider” for our wellbeing at work. Read more below...

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Allen Carr’s Easyway is delighted to announce the launch of stop smoking clinics as a franchise offering in the USA for the first time.

A Message to Friends by Allen Carr

I have been deeply touched by the numerous and encouraging messages of loyalty and support that I have received from you following the announcement of...