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a group of teen friends not vaping

Social impact of vaping for teenagers

So, if you want to hang out with a friend who vapes after you quit, you totally can! But you’ve got to do it the right way with Allen Carr’s Easyway.

The impacts of vaping on the body and mind

Vaping isn't safe, far from it. For smokers it’s believed to be less harmful than cigarettes, but for smokers and non-smokers alike it’s still incredibly harmful.

Vaping may cause cancer? How I quit after I heard...

A full-page feature, reflecting her experience as a former dedicated vaper and her journey from cigarettes to e-cigarettes and freedom with Allen Carr's Easyway.
Does smoking relieve stress?

Does smoking relieve stress?

Most smokers & ex-smokers believe that smoking helps relieve stress & anxiety. Is that true? Read our advice & watch our support video to answer your questions.

Tips on how to socialise without smoking

Discover practical ways to enjoy socializing without smoking. Our tips can help you have fun and connect with others while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Nicotine side effects guide - Duration & addiction risk

Discover the side effects of nicotine and the risks of addiction with our guide. Learn about the duration of nicotine withdrawals.

Stop smoking Hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Whether you are considering hypnosis for smoking, hypnotherapy for smoking, or self-hypnosis to quit smoking it is important to understand the principles behind all three.

What affects how long nicotine is in your system?

On average it takes 4 days for Nicotine to leave your bloodstream, saliva and urine. But there are many factors that affect how long it takes from number of cigarettes...
youth vaping Johnny rotten

Big Tobacco, doctors, scientists & “independent’ activist groups in cahoots!

As Johnny Rotten once asked, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" Tobacco giants revealed to be bankrolling research to down play the risk of children vaping to boost sales...
two teenagers vaping

Nicotine addiction & vaping

Nicotine’s strength is in the speed with which it hooks its victims, one puff of a cigarette, cigar, or vape is all it can take.
woman using a vape

How to quit vaping - a practical guide & tips

This page gives you our world-famous top tips on how to quit vaping as well as helping you understand the different methods for quitting vaping, how they work and the...

How to cope with stress without smoking - Strategies &...

Learn how to manage stress without relying on smoking with our expert strategies and tips. Improve your well-being today without sacrificing your health.