Learn how different aspects of your physical and mental health can be affected by smoking and improved by quitting

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Why nicotine & smoking makes you tired

Find out if quitting smoking has a direct impact on your energy levels. Learn how nicotine affects your body and what to expect during the cessation process.

Risks & effects of smoking while pregnant

Learn about the serious risks of smoking while pregnant and its harmful effects on your baby's health. Protect your familys future with our essential guide.

Nicotine side effects guide - Duration & addiction risk

Discover the side effects of nicotine and the risks of addiction with our guide. Learn about the duration of nicotine withdrawals.
woman free from smoking in a field

Natural remedies to help you quit smoking

Learn how to quit smoking naturally with our guide. Discover natural methods that will help you kick the habit for good. Start your journey to better health.

What happens to your skin when you quit smoking?

Learn about the effects of quitting smoking on your skin and face. Discover the positive changes and benefits of kicking this unhealthy habit today.

Does vaping to quit smoking work?

If you’re a smoker you might wonder does vaping help you quit smoking? or does vaping stop you smoking? Allen Carr’s Easyway supports anything that genuinely helps people escape the...

Is vaping safer or worse than smoking cigarettes?

Discover whether vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Read our comprehensive analysis on the risks involved and make an informed decision.
map of westmorland and furness with sign saying allen carr's easyway helping the smokers of barrow

Helping the smokers of Barrow

Study shows high rates of smoking in Barrow. Allen Carr's Easyway have been appointed to help

New research shows after 2 years 40% still not smoking

New independent research in Italy shows that after 2 years 40% still not smoking after attending Allen Carr's Easyway Seminars

How Big Tobacco is targeting women

The tobacco industry has long since employed various marketing strategies to target women and increase their tobacco product consumption, and today, as the industry shifts its focus to e-cigarettes, the...

Westmorland & Furness Council to offer Allen Carr's Easyway

Westmorland & Furness Council to offer free places to attend Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Live Group Seminars”

Is vaping a better alternative to smoking?

John Dicey, CEO of Allen Carr's Easyway and senior therapist was asked to join Mercy & Inaya on their To The Point Show on GB News to discuss on whether...