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Breaking free: UK Government's proposed ban on disposable vapes

Allen Carr’s Easyway have been highlighting the risk to young people for many years.
Paul Baker discusses the disposable vape ban live on TalkTV

Allen Carr’s Easyway live on TalkTV UK disposable vape ban

TalkTV live interview with Paul Baker CFO & NHS Liaison Allen Carr's Easyway discussing the UK disposable vape ban

Nicotine side effects guide - Duration & addiction risk

Discover the side effects of nicotine and the risks of addiction with our guide. Learn about the duration of nicotine withdrawals.

What affects how long nicotine is in your system?

On average it takes 4 days for Nicotine to leave your bloodstream, saliva and urine. But there are many factors that affect how long it takes from number of cigarettes...
ITV interview with Paul Baker CFO & NHS Liaison Allen Carr's Easyway

Allen Carr’s Easyway on ITV News UK Vaping Epidemic

ITV interview with Paul Baker CFO & NHS Liaison Allen Carr's Easyway discussing the Vaping epidemic in UK

Teen vaping: spotting vaping & helping them quit

Learn how to identify signs of teen vaping and discover effective ways to help them quit. Allen Carr provides expert guidance and support.
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Vaping side effects: the dangers & risks of vaping

A comprehensive guide on the side effects of vaping, including common and long-term effects

Vaping around babies & kids – Safe or dangerous?

Learn the facts about vaping around babies and kids. Discover the potential health risks and take steps to keep your family safe.

Is Vaping while Pregnant Safe? Guide to the Risks &...

Learn about the potential risks of vaping while pregnant and get your FAQs answered. Stay informed and protect your baby's health. Is it safe? Find out now.

Are kids attracted to vaping? Does it lead to them...

Vaping adverts show smoker like behaviour, use humour and aspirational imagery alongside flavours such as bubble-gum & candy. Before too long – the zero nicotine capsules are discarded in favour of...

Does vaping to quit smoking work?

If you’re a smoker you might wonder does vaping help you quit smoking? or does vaping stop you smoking? Allen Carr’s Easyway supports anything that genuinely helps people escape the...

How long does it take for your lungs to heal...

Discover the effects of vaping on your lungs and whether they can heal. Our expert insights explore the impact of vaping on your respiratory health.