Allen Carr’s Easyway Helps WHO’s Global Effort

Allen Carr’s Easyway is a contributor in the World Health Organisation’s year-long global campaign “Commit to Quit” aiming to support people quitting tobacco.

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World Health Organisation World No Tobacco Day 2021


Allen Carr’s Easyway is a key contributor in the World Health Organisation’s year-long global campaign called “Commit to Quit”, which aims to support at least 100 million people as they try to quit tobacco.

The world’s most successful stop smoking method, which is available in 50 countries and has already helped more than 50 million smokers worldwide over its 35-year history, is one of a select number of partners to support the World Health Organisation (WHO) with their ambitious initiative for 2021.

Other partners offering support alongside Allen Carr’s Easyway include AmazonFacebookWhatsAppGoogle, and Johnson & Johnson.   Together with the campaign partners, WHO will provide people with the tools and resources they need to make a successful quit attempt.

WHO released a scientific brief earlier this year showing that smokers are at higher risk of developing severe disease and death from COVID-19. Tobacco is also a major risk factor for noncommunicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes. Moreover, people living with these conditions are more vulnerable to severe COVID-19.

Both global and regional cessation to Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Live Online Group Seminars & Digital Programmes. Allen Carr’s Easyway London have played an intrinsic part in the conception, planning, and execution of the project and are even providing essential assistance to smokers in India & Pakistan via their Live Online Group Seminars & Online Video Programme.

Via WHO, Allen Carr’s Easyway are also supporting smokers in a variety of languages in countries as diverse as Brazil, India, East Timor, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Suriname, Timor Leste, Turkey, & Ukraine,

WHO has called on all governments to ensure their citizens have access to advice, mobile and digital cessation services and other tools that are proven to help people quit smoking and following clinical trials the evidence base for Allen Carr’s Easyway is now established enough to add the organisation’s weight to WHO’s efforts.

John Dicey, Global CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway comments:

“We’re delighted to be working with the World Health Organisation to support millions of people globally as they ‘Commit to Quit’, reinforcing our position as a world leader when it comes to smoking cessation. We’re immensely proud of our teams around the world as well as our team at Allen Carr’s Easyway Global HQ in  London. We’re delighted that the organization has been recognised by our inclusion in the World Health Organisation’s campaign and we didn’t hesitate to offer our help to this amazing cause

The World Health Organization comments:
The World Health Organization is grateful for the generous donation by Allen Carr’s Easyway, at an estimated value of $1.3 million, to support thousands of tobacco users quit during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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